let's tear up this rotten world together

an interactive blaseball fanwork about the five days between jessica telephone getting unshelled and sebastian telephone getting incinerated

this story is intense. please take care of yourself when reading. content warnings are on page 1. 

cover art by @jehancourf

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withTwine


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dude, this is insane/pos, me and my friend were wondering if it's ok to make a ltutrwt quote bot on twitter (with full credit of course) that would tweet lines from the game every hour or so

hi!! aaaaa i'm so honored yes absolutely it's okay!! please link to this itch page and to my twitter @itselliotsk8s <3 dm me on twitter if you want either the twine file for this game or the google doc the text was originally written in if that would help you at all!

aaa!!!! thats so awesome thank you!!!

its still in the process of being coded but its @ltutrwtbot!

Jaylen saying, "I know" was brutal and I had to fully take a minute away. By loop X I was so spellbound I didn't even notice my music had ran out and couldn't stop reading. The way you used Alts in the narrative too, just... Ah! Perfect gut punch!


THANK YOU!!!!!!! <3